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The Alien Menace

Caution- Graphic Images

"Not all UFO's and Alien Encounters are of the Friendly type..." -Jim Hickman

The Senator's UFO Letter...

from U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe (R - Oklahoma)

Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence the absence of recent UFO activity...and the absence of hostility from any previously reported UFOs.  It would be irresponsible to spend taxpayer money on hearings and legislation related to such phenomenon." -Senator James M. Inhofe 

Ah, Senator, you're Mistaken...

Absence of Recent UFO activity?

There were over 2500 UFO reports filed with the National UFO reporting center in the year 2000... During an average day, about 125 sighting reports are collected worldwide, about 5 an hour.

Absence of Hostility?

The Air Force has known for decades about the hostile UFO problem...  While pursuing UFOs, military aircraft have disappeared in mid-air, exploded, and suffered general harassment.  People have reported "alien abductions" and strange marks have been found on many,  Dr. Lear reports removing unknown objects from abductees. Some abductees are now reporting multi-generational abductions, occurring on a regular basis.

And... Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states; "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion..."

I have spent several sleepless nights since first researching this material. I feel it's content is so important that I must publish this with an advisory, as parts of this chapter are very graphic, again I apologize, but this is composed of true reports, so here goes...Jim Those in power say "NO" and I think I know why they want to keep their secret a little longer. I think I am beginning to understand why they can't reveal the "truth".

"However, in the absence of recent UFO activity, the absence of any scientific gain from the past study of UFOs, and the absence of hostility from any previously reported UFOs, it would be irresponsible to spend taxpayer money on hearings and legislation related to such phenomenon." -Senator James M. Inhofe to Jim Hickman in a letter dated May 25, 2001

This report will show that the Air Force has known for decades that some aliens are just not friendly. Some are here, as one of my favorite old Twilight Zone shows puts it, "To Serve Man" need I say more? I will show from previously secret Air Force files, reports from reliable eyewitnesses and a special report from my friend, Don Ecker he calls "The Human Mutilation Factor" that it seems that cattle aren't the only things some aliens are looking for... People occasionally report feeling pain or receiving an injury during a UFO encounter or abduction. Physical effects include eye irritation, sunburn, skin cuts, and sickness. After the experience, witnesses may have nightmares and feel anxious, and they may undergo personality changes or changes in their beliefs about important life issues. Witnesses, especially abductee's, claim later UFO encounters and other experiences with the paranormal, such as poltergeist activity or the development of psychic powers. 

Some people are now reporting "Alien Implants"; a good friend of mine, and an expert in the field is Dr. Roger Leir, ( who has removed several objects from people who have had the abduction experiences. I received a report from him just the other day... "I have been very busy with the surgery that was performed on the 5th of this month. We were able to remove another cantaloupe seed type implant. We also were able to investigate numerous other aspects of this case including some of the physiological aspects and in addition were able to look into some of the electronic emissions coming from the object." Some of Dr. Leir's findings are quite remarkable. "The findings of these implant surgeries are highly unusual," reported Dr. Leir. "In all these cases, there was virtually no inflammatory response." This is not the usual finding in foreign tissue reactions. Normally, foreign bodies embedded in tissues result in some type of acute or chronic inflammatory response, and may include fibrosis and cyst formation. Such was not the case here. 

The pathology reports of the first two surgeries revealed that the metallic objects were encased in a very dense, tough, grey membrane consisting of proteinaceous coagulum, hemoseridin and pure keratin. More simply, blood protein and skin cells that are usually found in the superficial layer of the skin. The tough, biological "cocoons" encasing the implants were also found to contain nerve proprioceptors - nerve and pressure cells of the wrong tissue type for that part of the body. These implant cocoons also fluoresced a bright green color in the presence of an ultraviolet light source. The implants from the two women from the second set of surgeries did not exhibit metallic properties like the implants from the first set of surgeries. In fact, the spheroid, whitish objects did not contain the tough, biological outer jackets, or fluoresce from a UV light source. These types of implants (possibly biological) also lacked the expected inflammatory response, according to the pathology reports. 

The crystalline-like object excised from the foot in the most recent surgery, also lacked the tough, grey, outer membrane and had virtually no inflammatory response, as in the other implant surgeries. Test results from the first set of implants revealed that the lammelar, needle shaped metallic objects in question are basically meteoric in origin, containing at least eleven different elements. Alien Implants are just the tip of this story. UFO researcher Don Ecker reports that over the years, there have been numerous cases where the phenomenon has figured into human deaths, but as a rule, most cases have been officially ruled accidental.   

He continues in his report, "the matter of either overt or covert hostility on the part of UFOs has always been treated warily by serious researchers. On the one hand, if the enigma is hostile, then several questions must be faced. What if anything should the powers in authority tell the public? Is the government capable of handling a threat of this type? Is the public ready to face an issue as potentially terrifying as a "possible threat from somewhere else?" Don has a good point! Do we really want to know this kind of secret? I sure don't. I have to sleep at night! That's one secret that the government can keep! He states, "I had been warned by a prominent Ufologist, that there was a lid "screwed down tighter than you would believe in regards to human mutes." Continuing.

"In one of the less well known cases, during the mid 1950's, a military jet interceptor was observed on radar being "absorbed" into a UFO over the Great Lakes. No trace of pilot or aircraft was ever found. In another case reported in the excellent work "Clear Intent" was the case of the "Cuban MIG Incident". In this case a Cuban MIG was locking on his weapons radar when the aircraft exploded in mid-air. The wing man was certain that the UFO had fired some type of weapon, but other than the jet exploding, no other smoke, flame or other obvious weapon firing was observed." Don states "I was once again speaking to Don Mason, when he informed me that the investigator that had been assigned to the above mentioned case had come across a very mysterious death of a man back in 1979. According to the report, two hunters in the Bliss and Jerome area of Idaho had literally stumbled across the nude body of a man that had been hideously mutilated. The body was in the literal middle of nowhere, nude except for a pair of underpants, his sexual organs had been removed, his lips sliced off, and several other classic mutilation cuts. Although he was in very rugged country, his bare feet were not marked as if he had walked in that terrain, but yet no other tracks, animal or human were evident anywhere.

After the police were notified, an intensive search was mounted, and miles away, the mans possessions were recovered, yet no one yet knows how the body ended up where it was found, or even more importantly, what happened to him. It should be noted that this area also had over the years, many unexplained UFO reports and cattle mutilations." Dr. J. Allen Hynek has been quoted that on several occasions, he specified that he wanted no mention of the dozens of human abductions that they had already uncovered at that time, Hynek was afraid of the adverse publicity if word of this aspect leaked out to the public. Another good example of a very unkind alien encounter is the case of Sgt. Jonathan P Louette, who was stationed at White Sands missile test range in1956 and whose mutilated body was found on the range three days after an Air Force major had witnessed his abduction by a "disk shaped" object. Louette's genitals had been removed, his rectum cored out with surgical precision and his eyes excised. I have copies of the photos of the body in this case that were given to me by Col. Steve Wilson. However, I find them too disturbing to post here. I had my own sighting at White Sands as many of you know, I'm just glad they left me alone

Moving on, one of the most famous UFO sightings resulting in injuries to witnesses involved two women, Betty Cash and Vicki Landrum, and Mrs. Landrum's grandson, Colby, as they drove along a deserted Texas road during December 1980. In front of them, they saw a huge, brilliant, diamond-shaped object with flames shooting out from the bottom. Cash stopped the car and got out to have a better look at the UFO. The object radiated intense heat that softened the dashboard of her car. Terrified, Cash returned to the car and with the others, watched the UFO move away. As it did so, a squadron of helicopters appeared and surrounded the UFO. The witnesses followed the object and the helicopters until they disappeared in the distance. By the time the three reached home, all were feeling ill. Within a few hours, they developed sunburn-like blisters, nausea, and diarrhea. Betty Cash's symptoms were the most severe, and she eventually sought medical treatment and was hospitalized as a burn victim. Her doctor concluded Cash was exhibiting symptoms of radiation sickness. The witnesses later sued the United States government, claiming it was responsible for their injuries. (They had identified the helicopters as Chinook twin-rotor helicopters used by the U.S. Army.) Their lawsuit was unsuccessful because they could never prove the UFO or the helicopters were devices owned and operated by the American government.   

Some say that Aliens are friendly, gentle and kind, but I would ask you to consider the Mantell case. The Air Force wants you to believe that Capt. Tom Mantell had seen Venus, and then he had intercepted a weather balloon! We know better don't we? I have included the report for those not familiar with this incident. January 7, 1948 Captain Thomas Mantell (USAF) crashes in his F-51 Mustang while allegedly pursuing a UFO. On the afternoon of January 7, 1948, a control tower operator at Godman Air Force Base, in Kentucky, answered the telephone. It was an innocent enough action, surely, but was nevertheless destined to set a series of events in motion that ultimately would lead one man to his death. The call was from an officer of the Kentucky State Patrol, who wanted to know if Godman was aware of any unusual aerial activity in the vicinity.  Godman knew of no activity in the area, and a quick check with Wright-Patterson AFB Flight Service in Ohio confirmed that there were no scheduled flights. Nevertheless, the state patrol was back on the phone to Godman about twenty minutes later, reporting that individuals in Owensboro and Irvington, Kentucky, were seeing a strange object in the sky.

This unidentified object was described by the witnesses as 250-300 feet in diameter, moving rapidly in a westerly direction. At precisely 1:45 in the afternoon, the tower operators at Godman were seeing the object. Certain that it was not a balloon they called flight operations. Soon, word of the strange object in the sky over Kentucky had spread across the base, and the base commander, Colonel Hix, came to the control tower to see the object for himself. Around 2:30, the men in the tower were beginning to talk about possible courses of action to deal with the anomaly in the sky above. By happenstance, at that very moment, four F-51 Mustangs were approaching the base. The tower operator spoke to the flight leader, a Captain Thomas Mantell, and asked him to have a look at the object. Mantell agreed, and he and two of his wingmen turned their airplanes around and headed for the object, while the fourth pilot, his craft low on fuel, continued on to land at its base. The planes labored upwards to 10,000 feet, with Mantell pulling out in the lead. At 2:45 PM, Mantell radioed the tower: "I see something above and ahead of me, and I'm still climbing. " Moments later, one of his wingmen was overheard radioing Mantell: "What in the hell are you looking for?" Some UFO researchers claim that Mantell radioed back, saying "I've sighted the thing. It looks metallic, and it's tremendous in size..." The tower operators, according to Captain Edward Ruppelt's account in The Report on Unidentified Flying objects, never agreed among themselves that Mantell actually said this. However, they did agree that Mantell said, a few seconds later, "It's above me and I'm gaining on it. I'm going to 20,000 feet." Shortly after that last transmission Mantell's F-51 came hurtling down from the sky, and spread itself across the landscape. At 3:52 P.M., a telephone at Godman Air Force Base rang. Captain Thomas Mantell was dead. The opinion of the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at that time was given as follows:

It is the ATIC opinion that Captain Mantell lost consciousness due to oxygen starvation, the aircraft being trimmed continued to climb until increasing altitude caused a sufficient loss of power for it to level out. The aircraft then began a turn to the left due to torque and as the wing drooped so did the nose until the aircraft was in a tight diving spiral. The uncontrolled descent resulted in excessive speed causing the aircraft to disintegrate. It is believed that Captain Mantell never regained consciousness. This is born out by the fact that the canopy lock was still in place after the crash, discounting any attempt to abandon the aircraft. The UFO was in no way directly responsible for this experienced pilot conducting high altitude flight without the necessary oxygen equipment.

The Air Force posited that Mantell had spied Venus, then at 33° above the southern horizon. The Venus explanation has been frowned upon by a host of UFOlogists, most notably the late J. Allen Hynek, who aptly noted that, on the date in question, Venus was only six times brighter than the surrounding sky. While this sounds like an impressive measure, in practice, an object only six times brighter than the surrounding sky is very difficult to see. It most certainly does not rate as a conspicuous sight.  Therefore, I am inclined to side with those skeptical of the Venus explanation. However, that Mantell may have chased a Skyhook balloon, then a classified naval research project, is a distinct possibility. Skyhook balloons were, in fact, being released from Clinton County Air Force base in Ohio around that time, and a wind plot for January 7, 1948, revealed that the track of such a balloon on that day would have carried it near Godman Field in Kentucky.

In a strange occurrence Skyhook plays several roles in Ufology, did you know that Major Donald Keyhoe of NICAP fame wrote about Project Skyhook in New Mexico, and it was invaded by UFO's. This was later made into a movie called, "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" back in the early ‘50's. Unfortunately, there appears to be some confusion as to whether a Skyhook was actually launched from Clinton County AFB on January 7, 1948. In Brad Steiger's synopsis of the Air Force UFO projects, commentary is found to the effect that " was subsequently determined that on the date of the Godman sighting a balloon was released by the Navy from Clinton County Airport in Ohio."

I would say that Capt Mantell had a close encounter with a non-friendly alien. Another report of an attacking alien comes in from the Cleveland Press, thanks to investigator DANIEL WILSON of Painesville, Ohio for this story "Saucer Attacked Me, Pilot Declares" The Cleveland Press, Wednesday, July 30, 1952 By Charles Tracy, Aviation Editor Within minutes after his hair-raising experience, I talked to a veteran Air Force pilot who excitedly reported that his F-51 fighter plane was attacked repeatedly by a flying saucer. The incident, never before revealed to the public, occurred a year ago at 8000 feet over Augusta, Ga., on a warm, sunny, clear day. The pilot's own startling story is in the files in Washington.

I never saw the official report, and in repeating the pilot's conversation with me, I am violating no security. The pilot was First Lieut. George Kinman of Birmingham, Ala., veteran of seven year's service, including action in World War II. He was stationed at Lawson Air Force Base, Columbus, Ga., with the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. I was assistant wing operations officer. (Charles Tracy, an Air Force captain in World War II, was called back into service in 1950, was discharged five months ago.) Our outfit was preparing for overseas duty and we were running a lot of practice missions. We sent photo planes out to get pictures of bridges, airfields, etc. At times we would dispatch pilots over the harbors to count the ships and report. This was to test their accuracy in visual reconnaissance. It was while returning from one of these practice missions that Lieut. Kinman had the daylights scared out of him. He was over Augusta, about 80 miles or 20 minutes flying time from home base. "I was cruising at about 250 mph," he told me after making a somewhat shaky landing in his Mustang, a single-engine job equipped with cameras but no guns. "All of a sudden I noticed something ahead, closing in on me head- on," Kinman reported. "Before I could take evasive action - before I even thought of it, in fact - this thing dipped abruptly and passed underneath, just missing my propeller."

He described "the thing" as "definitely of disc shape... white... pretty thick... it looked like an oval... it was about twice as big as my plane... it had no visible protrusions like motors, guns, windows, smoke or fire." Kinman said he immediately turned around but couldn't see anything. (The F-51 Mustang had a bubble canopy which affords excellent vision in all directions.) Within 15 seconds, he estimated, the disc came directly at him again and once more dipped suddenly at the last possible moment to avoid a collision. This happened repeatedly, he said, for five to ten minutes. Each time, he said, he would look back, but by then the strange object had disappeared. Kinman tried to put his plane in position to use the cameras in his fuselage, adjusted to shoot the ground while in level flight. He was not successful and his films, when developed, showed nothing. "I was upset and scared by the whole thing," Kinman told me. "While this was going on I radioed the nearest Civil Aeronautics Authority traffic control center. (This is routine procedure for a pilot who sights unscheduled air traffic.) "On its final pass at me, the disc whirled upward. I thought it was going to take a piece of my canopy with it." Then, he said, it disappeared. After landing, Kinman, his face chalk-white, walked into the operations offices at Lawson and told the airdrome officer. "I just saw something very strange, like a flying saucer. What should I do?" I was called. I heard part of Kinman's story and informed him the Air Force had a formal intelligence report he would be requested to fill out. I stood by as he went over the details with an intelligence officer. Kinman was reluctant to volunteer details and had to be "pumped." He seemed to think we'd belittle his reports, maybe think he was out of his head. 

He wouldn't estimate the speed of the "disc," but said "it was awfully fast." Several days later, his report was sent to Washington. Kinman was called to Macon, Ga., where the Air Materials Command has a big base, and interviewed by high Air Force officers. Some laughed. A few fellows at the base, when the story got around, were inclined to poo-poo the idea. They thought Kinman was pulling a fast one. But the higher-up officers thought it was a serious incident. Knowing Kinman's experience, ability, observant powers and reputation for truth, I see He still is a pilot with the 117th flying jets in Germany. To my knowledge, Kinman's was the first and only report of an actual attack by a flying saucer, but the carefully guarded Air Force files may contain stories to match his. I, for one, wouldn't be surprised. End of article. I received this report while I was running the Skywatch mailing list for Col. Steve Wilson; this story is very similar to what's being reported being done to cattle in the San Luis Valley area by my friend, Chris O'Brien in his book "The Mysterious Valley".

The Guarapiranga case


As Seen on the TV show "In Search Of..."

Some people have died- directly attributable to their UFO encounters...

Our conclusions are quite ominous, Aliens are here, and some are openly hostile to humans. Our government knows about the threat and has done nothing. We are not being protected from this alien invasion, and by not protecting us, the government is violating our civil rights.

This is a little background for those who have seen the "In search of..." episode, I have included the autopsy photos in this edition. Mon, 2 Dec 1996 14:55:12 If this case is authentically UFO-related - and at this time I have no reason to believe it is not - then all of us are going to have to reevaluate to one degree or another our tentative conclusions as to the possible specific intentions, moral perspectives and general agenda that some of our extraterrestrial visitors may have.

Brazilian Ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia and Dr. Rubens Goes have recently presented a series of sensational photographs, obtained from police files which mimic the wounds of countless UFO-related animal mutilation cases that have been reported in Europe and North, Central and South America since the 1960s. On first glance they would seem to be ufology's worst nightmare.   What is more disturbing is that Brazilian urologists and police have intimated that there may be at least a dozen or more cases similar to the recently uncovered Guarapiranga reservoir case. Obviously if the Guarapiranga data is legitimate, then it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the position that all visitors are demonstrating a relatively friendly attitude toward humans, regardless of what their specific agenda(s) may be.

The Guarapiranga situation indicates that there is at least one group of alien visitors to the planet who have a complete disdain for human sensibilities, who, in fact, could care less about the value of human life. I came to the same conclusion because all other alternatives were neither supported by facts nor good logic, whereas the similarities to numerous cattle mutilations which I had studied in the United States were startling, exactly paralleling what I have seen many times before.

The specifics of the case are as follows: Encarnacion Garcia learned from her friend, Dr. Rubens Goes, that he was in possession of some rather "odd" photos which had been given to him by his cousin, police technician, Rubens Sergio. These were official photos of a body that had been found near Guarapiranga reservoir on the 29th of September 1988, of an unnamed male who was, however, later identified. The name of this man has been withheld from all media investigators, including UFO investigators, at the request of his relatives. After studying the photos, Encarnacion Garcia was impressed with how similar the wounds of the body were to those found on the carcasses of so many UFO-related mutilated animals...

The work of the perpetrators of this atrocity: the kinds of cuts made, the precision of the cuts, the removal of whole internal organs through small apertures, the lack of bleeding, the failure of the body to smell or decompose rapidly - all these are hallmarks of UFO-related animal mutilations. These peculiarities would seem to rule out Satanists, revenge- seekers or casual mutilators and go beyond even the capacities of a modern Jack the Ripper.

Note: I am going to edit out the most disturbing parts of this autopsy report...

The body was in perfect condition. Rigor mortis had not set in and it was estimated that the victim had been killed approximately 48 to 72 hours previously. There were no signs of animal predation or putrefaction that might be expected. Strangely, there was no odor to the cadaver. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal.

Face and upper torso photo. The body was in perfect condition. Rigor mortis had not set in and it was estimated that the victim had been killed approximately 48 to 72 hours previously. There were no signs of animal predation or putrefaction which might be expected. Strangely, there was no odor to the cadaver. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal. The black coloration found in the face area and in other places within the photo is partly due to low light exposure when this photo and others were taken. It is also partly due to coagulated blood in the wound areas. As can clearly be seen, flesh and lips have been excised around the mandibles, as is common in cattle and other animal mutilations, the autopsy report noted, "the eyes and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied." Removal of these body parts, including the tongue as here, is common enough in animal mutilation cases.

Close up of the left side of the victim's head. Here we see that the ear is cleanly excised. As the report states, "auditive internal and external" matter was removed The photo does not show the small holes discovered in the cranium. These were detected, however, by the medical examiners. How much, if any, of the brain tissue was removed is not stated.

The autopsy report states: "There has been a removal of extensive tissue along many parts of the face, head and neck of the victim... There has also been extraction of ocular tissue, eyes, internal and external organs (ears) and entire parts of the head. The tongue and several muscles were also extracted." The kinds of cuts on the cadaver are what we have come to expect in UFO-related animal mutilation cases. Of primary interest is their precision. 

As can clearly be seen, flesh and lips have been excised around the mandibles, as is common in cattle and other animal mutilations, the autopsy report noted that "the eyes and ears were also removed and the mouth cavity was emptied." Removal of these body parts, including the tongue as here, is common enough in animal mutilation cases. As Encarnacion Garcia rightly recognized, if a comparison of the victim with animal mutilation cases is made, "You can see they are the same - and that is also the conclusion of experienced doctors." The doctors drew their conclusion only after they had been shown photographs of similar animal mutilation cases, cases with which they were not previously familiar.

The "surgery" (or butchery, if you will) was done with agility and care and probably with speed. The lack of profuse bleeding suggests the use of a laser-like instrument producing acute heat, thus cauterizing almost immediately the edge of the wounds. It is probable that even some of the internal organs of the man could have been removed through this incision." What is most compelling about the anal incision and the extraction of anal and digestive tract tissue is that it is a carbon copy of the surgery we have seen in so many UFO-related animal mutilation cases.  

"The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms, and chest." As Garcia observed, the doctors stated that these wounds were quite uncommon. The report also observes, "Shoulders and arms have perforations of 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter where tissue and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of internal organs."

"You also find the removal of the belly button leaving a 1.5 inch hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity showing the removal of the intestines." Brazilian doctors who later viewed the evidence were left nonplused by the hole in the umbilical area where, it appeared, "a great amount of internal organs were extracted. The edge of the hole was perfect and shows a precision cut. Also, the abdominal area of the body was very shrunken because of organ removal." The original autopsy report notes that "the scrotum was also removed by a 3 x 1.5 cm. elliptical incision." Strangely, the penis itself was left intact although it appeared to have been stretched to about twice its normal length.

"Removal of the anus and a hole between the second and third toes...The anal orifice of the victim was extracted with a large incision about 3 by 6 inches in diameter. The rectum and other internal parts of the human discharge system were also removed. It is probable that even some of the internal organs of the man could have been removed through this incision."

The case of Sgt. Jonathan P Louette

There are some incidents that have occurred over the years, which strongly point to the fact that the mutilations are not confined, to animals. The first case which came to the public notice involved an American Air Force Sergeant called Jonathan Louette who was serving at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico, a vast remote base where the latest US technology is tested. There are many stories linking White Sands to alien contact and captured alien craft.

The Sergeant and a senior officer were detailed to travel several miles down the missile range in a military vehicle to find and recover any debris from spent missiles. At one point they left their vehicle to scout the desert. They separated in order to cover a wider area of the sand dunes more quickly. Suddenly the officer heard screams in the area of the dunes where the sergeant was searching. He ran towards the noise thinking that a rattlesnake had bitten the sergeant and as he reached the top of the dune, he saw a disc shaped craft hovering low above the ground. A long tentacle coming from the underside of the craft was wrapped around the sergeant. It dragged the screaming man into the craft and then shot away at great speed.


The officer returned to base in a state of shock. When he reported what had happened he was not believed and was arrested for murder. An immediate search of the area failed to find any sign of the sergeant. Three days later Sergeant Louette's mutilated body was found twenty miles down the range. The mutilations were clinical and precise and involved the removal of the genitals, the rectum and the eyes. Typically there was no blood on the body, but the cardiovascular organs had not collapsed. The officer was released without charge. Although the story was leaked out by people involved in the incident, the military refused to confirm or deny that such an incident had taken place.

Sgt. Jonathan P Louette's case bares a striking resemblance to the Guarapiranga situation. Louette's genitals had been removed, his rectum cored out with surgical precision and his eyes excised in a manner quite similar to the incisions made upon our Guarapiranga victim.


A recent Cattle "Mute"

Here is an example of that type of mutilation done to cattle in a report from Chris O'Brien's site:

Gelding Found Mutilated South of Alamosa  

Wed December 17, 1997, at 10:30 a.m. 5 Miles SW of Alamosa, SLVCO MUTE   Rancher Ron Gardiner discovered a dead gelding 5 miles SW of Alamosa, CO, in the San Luis Valley So-Cen CO/No-Cen NM. The animal was still warm and the rancher estimated the animal was killed and mutilated sometime around dawn. The horse was missing its penis and an 8-inch circular patch of hide behind the sheath-- which was intact. The rear-end was neatly cored out in a slightly elongated circle to a depth of 8 to 9 inches. Eyes and tongue were intact. The animal was found lying on its right side at the bottom of a dry, 7-foot deep irrigation canal channel.


There was evidence of a struggle i.e., broken chimisa bushes and thrashing marks, but besides the unfortunate gelding's tracks, there were no other tracks present. No apparent scavenger interest noted and two horses in the small herd seemed curious and unafraid of the carcass. The carcass did not bloat. No downside incisions or additional evidence noted by the rancher, this investigator, or the Alamosa County Sheriff investigator, but a 5-inch shallow gash in the hide was present on the neck. Several drops, which appeared to be blood was found in snow about 60 feet away over the fence and across the road.


"Near approaches of UFOs can be harmful to human beings. Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude. Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed. In either case the safe thing to do is to get away from there very quickly and let the military take over. There is a possibility of radiation danger and there are known cases where persons have been burned by rays emanating from UFOs. Don't take chances with UFOs!"

This is a continuation of my previous articles called "Do we really have a need to know?" It was recently published in my book, "5000 years of UFO's-Are we really alone" by Publish America Inc. ISBN: 1-58851-383-1.
I recently shot a video segment for the TV show called "In Search of..." which is back in production with the Fox network. My segment was called "The Alien Menace" where I ran through most of the unfriendly alien encounters from history that I had documented in the article.

I guess this would be a good time to write about my adventures filming that story. I was contacted a few months ago by one of the producers with KAOS entertainment, in Hollywood, they wanted to know if I had time to give them an interview.

I assumed that it would be like most local news productions, sort of half-arsed if you know what I mean. Anyway, I agreed to do the show, I was asked where I preferred to do the filming, I was given a choice of San Diego, LA, or Denver. Of course I voted for either of the first two, I have had several bad times in that last city...

I got a call the next day saying we were going to be doing our segment in Denver. I still agreed, so, I made my flight from rural Oklahoma to Denver, via Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, which was a trip in itself. I had never flown on a "prop" job aircraft before, and this one was a beauty. *%&$#@ Airlines are the greatest; I have never had such a close up view of the ground before. I think we mowed several folk's yards on the trip to Dallas...
I made it into Denver International Airport, (famous for it's "tunnels") at about midnight; I found my way to the hotel and got almost 2 full hours sleep before a production assistant picked me up and drove me to the Embassy Suites hotel south of town. I was escorted to the Presidential suite.

Needless to say, the Presidential suite is not bad, about 10 stories up, corner picture windows, nice, not like the place I stayed in... I met the producer, and the camera crew, including a nice guy, who was the exact double for that guy in "Tool Time" I couldn't look at him without cracking up, which I did often, sorry! We had to be creative with what we had so we got to work. The crew moved lights and sound equipment, setup a background, which you can see above, we added a few live lights to it

I always try to match the UFO reality with what I see around me that is pure BS. It's amazing how many times the real thing shows up just after something fictional happens; I have several examples in this article.
As I mention earlier, the premise of this article is that there has been several incidents were UFO's caused death and or injury to witness's. I have been able to do more detailed research on the subject and my report is below. I have credited sources when possible. To start this story out I refer to an always-reliable source- the FAA, who brings us a little tale called....


Journalist Leslie Kean writes that, "In January, Agence France Presse reported that a Siberian airport was shut for 11/2 hours while a luminescent unidentified flying object hovered above its runway." Although it's hard to imagine such an event-taking place in the industrialized United States, a compelling October 2000 study by a retired aerospace scientist from NASA-Ames Research Center shows that similar incidents have occurred in American skies over the last 50 years.

"Aviation Safety in America—A Previously Neglected Factor" presents more than 100 pilot and crew reports of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that appear to have compromised aviation safety.
Author Richard F. Haines, formerly NASA's chief of the Space Human Factors  Office and a Raytheon contract scientist, is chief scientist for the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), a research organization founded last year. In stunning detail, pilots and crew describe a range of geometric forms and lights inconsistent with known aircraft or natural phenomena. Bizarre objects paced aircraft at relatively near distances, sometimes disabling cockpit instruments, interrupting ground communications, or distracting the crew.

 The data include 56 near misses. Impulsive responses by pilots to an approaching high-speed object can be hazardous; in a few cases, such violent evasive reactions injured passengers and flight attendants. However, Haines states that there is no threat of a collision caused directly by UAPs "because of the reported high degree of maneuverability shown by the UAP."

While flying over Lake Michigan in 1981, TWA Capt. Phil Schultz saw a "large, round, silver metal object" with dark portholes equally spaced around the circumference that "descended into the atmosphere from above," according to his hand-written report. Schultz and his first officer braced themselves for a mid-air collision; the object suddenly made a high-speed turn and departed.

Veteran Japan Airlines 747 Capt. Kenju Terauchi reported a spectacular prolonged encounter over Alaska in 1986. "Most unexpectedly, two space ships stopped in front of our face, shooting off lights," he said. "The inside cockpit shined brightly and I felt warm in the face." Despite the Federal Aviation Administration's determination that he and his crew were stable, competent, and professional, he was grounded for speaking out. In 1997, a Swissair Boeing 747 over Long Island just missed a glowing, white, cylindrical object speeding toward the plane. According to an FAA Civil Aviation Security Office memorandum, pilot Philip Bobet said, "if the object was any lower, it may have hit the right wing."

Ground-systems operators have also been affected by UAP. "The element of surprise means a decrease in safety because it diverts the attention of air-traffic controllers that should be focused on landing planes. That is a danger," says Jim McClenahen, a recently retired FAA air-traffic-control specialist and NARCAP technical adviser. "Aviation Safety in America" does not attempt to explain the origin of these mysterious objects. But Haines writes that hundreds of reports, some dating back to the 1940s, "suggest that they [UAPs] are associated with a very high degree of intelligence, deliberate flight control, and advanced energy management."
In the 1950s, pilots and crews reported seeing flying discs, cigar-shaped craft with portholes, and gyrating lights, all with extraordinary technical capabilities. Documents show the unexplained objects were considered a national security concern. By order of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, commercial pilots were required to report sightings and the unauthorized release of a UFO report could cost them 10 years in prison or a $10,000 fine.
To keep this information from the public, officials ridiculed and debunked legitimate sightings, angering some pilots. According to the Newark Star Ledger in 1958, more than 50 commercial pilots who had reported sightings, each with at least 15 years of major airline experience, blasted the policy of censorship and denial as "bordering on the absolutely ridiculous."

These pilots said they were interrogated by the Air Force, sometimes all night long, and then "treated like incompetents and told to keep quiet," according to one pilot. "The Air Force tells you that the thing that paced your plane for 15 minutes was a mirage or a bolt of lightening," he told the Star-Ledger. "Nuts to that. Who needs it?" As a result, many pilots "forget" to report their sightings at all, one pilot said.

According to a 1952 Air Force Status Report on UFOs for the Air Technical Intelligence Center, pilots were so humiliated that one told investigators, "If a space ship flew wing-tip to wing-tip formation with me, I would not report it." The vast majority of sightings by American pilots are still not reported. The media perpetuate the censorship and ridicule, handicapping the collection of valuable data.

And from the Weekly world news- for what it's worth...

FAA WARNS pilots about UFO RAGE!

WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration has quietly issued a warning to the airlines to beware of a new hazard to planes~~ UFO rage! Accident investigators concluded that as many as 3 percent of plane crashes may be the work of alien pilots who get impatient at slowpoke jets that get in their way and blow them out of the sky! "While we remain convinced that most inexplicable plane wrecks have conventional causes. We cannot discount the possibility that a small minority are the result of this phenomenon, says an internal memo that has reportedly been released to all the major carriers. Investigators from the agency reached the astonishing conclusion after using computer analysis to study data from 38 still unexplained crashes in the U S dating back to 1973.

The common denominator? In each case the aircraft was traveling at a significantly slower than normal speed and there was a UFO sighting reported in the area within the previous three days. The FAA is not going on record saying that flying saucers exist In fact, officials have refused to confirm existence of the alleged memo, said to be dated Feb.4, 2001 But according to an Internet site dedicated to UFO research that reproduced a copy of the memo the agency released the results of the study to the airlines to be circulated among pilots as a heads up a warning not to fly to slow

A line at the bottom of the memo reads Copies of this document are to be distributed to pilots only to enhance passenger safety it is not to be given to other employees or discussed with anyone else, under penalty of federal prosecution funny how reality can be stranger than fiction sometimes.

Next I have our friend Jaque Vallee's report, that on Sept. 22, 1967 in Caracas, Venezuela, Near Caracas, a race track employee was attacked by a very strong creature that choked him, but ran away when a horse was heard neighing frantically in the stable. Thirty min later, a horse was attacked, and an employee saw a dwarf, 3 ft. tall, "zoom" out of the building.

Scary stuff!
Best-selling author Charles Berlitz in his 1989 book, The Dragon's Triangle, presented a sky predator's attack on humans- the only modern account of such. Berlitz retells the story of a doomed aircraft, an account he attributes to researcher Robert Coe Gardner. According to Gardner, a military transport plane took off from the San Diego Naval Air Station late one afternoon during the summer of 1939. Several hours later over the Pacific, the plane transmitted a desperate SOS, and then fell silent. The stricken aircraft made it back to San Diego and managed an emergency landing.

After touchdown, ground personnel were horrified to discover that 12 of the 13 men on board were dead. The sole survivor-the copilot-died several minutes later. Reportedly, all the bodies exhibited massive, gaping
wounds, and the exterior of the craft was badly damaged and torn open in places. It was also soon determined that the pilot and copilot had emptied their pistols at some unknown target. The whole episode was quickly hushed up, and Gardner would not hear of it until 1954.

Many people have been injured and/or killed by UFO's and their occupants. I have an article from 1884 where there were signs of radiation injuries on the witness/victim. This report comes from the article UFO Crashes in the 19th Century...

Startling Find of Some Dundy County Ranchers

Long before the famous stories emerged about a UFO crash in Roswell ,in 1947, tales of alien spaceships hitting the Earth appeared in 19th Century papers:

"About 35 miles northwest of Benkelman, Dundy County, on the 6th of June [1884] a very startling phenomenon occurred. It seems that John W. Ellis and three of his herdsmen and a number of other cowboys were out engaged in a round-up. They were startled by a terrific whirring noise over their heads, and turning their eyes saw a blazing body falling like a shot to earth. It struck beyond them, being hidden from view by a bank."
The article, from the Nebraska Nugget, goes on to say that the rancher found "fragments of cog-wheels, and other pieces of machinery" lying on the ground. The heat was so intense that "as to scorch the grass for a long distance around each fragment and make it impossible for one to approach..." The group found the main part of the wreck and one of them "fell senseless from the gazing at it at too close quarters. His face was blistered, and his hair singed to a crisp."

"Finding it impossible to approach the mysterious visitor [the UFO] the party turned back on its trail. When it [the UFO] first touched the earth the ground was sandy and bare of grass. The sand was fused to an unknown depth over a space about 20 feet wide by 30 feet long, and the melted stuff was still bubbling and hissing."
Later in the story the ship is described as being 50 to 60 feet long, cylindrical and 10 to 12 feet in diameter. The writer notes that it was apparently composed of metal with an appearance like brass, but was remarkably light. The story also notes that the wreck is located in a remote and wild region and "the roads are hardly more than trails."

I have an article written by our government and used daily by police, fire and EMS workers across the country. The have been told the truth about the alien menace...

Disaster Control and UFO's

The following excerpt appeared in Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control by William M. Kramer and Charles W. Bahme. It is copyright (c) 1992 by Fire Engineering Books & Videos.


Regardless of its past evaluations, the Air Force could be wrong about a number of things. "It can't even guess within a couple of billion dollars what one of its planes is going to cost; maybe, despite the skepticism of the scientists and other investigators, the UFOs sent from other planets do exist and have visited earth." And maybe they have exhibited some destructive effects, whether or not intentionally in every instance, which we need to consider when drafting a plan for coping with an emergency situation where UFOs are involved. Some of these documented effects are as follows.

UFO Hazards

The two principal hazards noted with relation to UFOs have been attributed to powerful electrical fields which they can project in a general or localized area and the psychological effects they have produced on the general populace or individual contacts.

Force Field Impact

The disruption of air and ground travel has often been reported in the presence of UFOs. The ignition systems of auto and aircraft engines have apparently been affected by energized force fields to such an extent as to stop their operation; the headlights and radios have also ceased to function. Here are a couple of examples. In Buenos Aires, on March 29, 1978, "A strange force shut off their engine and headlights of their Citroen CG, lifted it 15 feet off the road, then set it down a minute later and 75 miles to the north." The driver had noticed a yellow and violet light shining in his rear view mirror while driving the last leg of a long stock car race, and he realized that it was approaching too fast to be a competitor. A month later a Colombian bank manager and a navy officer had their car headlights go off when buzzed by a UFO, with the navy man suffering temporary paralysis. Other South American countries in which similar actions were reported around that time included Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.

These effects have also been noted to influence the controls and instruments of aircraft, e.g., the pilot of a Piper PH-24 reported that his controls became inoperable when he was approached by three disk-shaped objects, 10 to 12 feet in diameter, over Mexico City on May 3,1975. Similar cases have been reported by military pilots, illustrated by the classic case of the near mid-air collision of an army helicopter with a UFO on October 18, 1973, over Ohio, where not only did both the UHF and VHF radio wave- lengths go dead temporarily, but the downward movement of the helicopter with its four occupants was levitated upward by a green beam from the UFO in time to prevent its crash into the ground.

Communications Disruption

In addition to the impedance of radio transmissions and reception, such as that described in the preceding incident, telephone interference has occurred, illustrated by the chagrin of President Lyndon Johnson in having his conversation from the Texas White House cut off while talking to assistants in Washington, D.C. The ability to render inoperable all electronic forms of communications, including those that control the launching of defense weapons systems, has been considered within the range of UFO capability. Whether this could extend to the erasing of recorded computer data such as bank records, personnel data, FBI, CIA, and NSA files, along with critical information of every kind, is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Regional Power Blackouts

It has long been suspected that UFOs have the capability of blacking out a city, state, or many states by exerting a force field sufficient to overload the circuits of public and private utility installations. "Few things are more disturbing than to be plunged into pitch darkness without warning; it is dangerous for masses of people. It paralyzes cities, blocks highways, stops trains, leaves elevators suspended between floors. In general it simply plays hell with the modern way of life." You would think that the power companies would have achieved sufficient reliability in their high tech systems that a mass failure such as that which blacked out New York and New England in 1965 would never happen--but it did. Although, as we have mentioned before, it was known that UFO activity was associated with disturbances with compasses. instruments, ignition systems, radios, etc., it was inconceivable that it could also interfere with generation and distribution of electrical power. Such a connection was also inferred in November 1953, when a glowing red object went over a residential area of New Haven, Connecticut, causing lights to dim out on both sides of the object's path and then come on when it went out of sight.

Power failures were also reported in association with UFOs in Brazil in 1957 to l959~ Rome, Italy, in 1958; and Mexico in 1965. Likewise, in Uberlandia, where the power station operators promptly closed the circuits when the UFO apparently caused them to open, it did no good, and they were unable to restore the power until the UFO departed.

"The Granddaddy of all blackouts to date was the stygian blanket that fell over 30 million people in the northeastern corner of the U.S. during the early evening rush hour period on November 9, 1965."(66) Relay services that were supposed to automatically transfer the load in case of failure in one area to an alternate source malfunctioned. Military communications relying on public power without alternate backup systems also failed, but communications were operable to make a quick public announcement that there was no military emergency. Though it was largely over by the next morning, the official explanation about a malfunctioning small device in a Canadian hydroelectric generating plant never accounted for the failure of millions of dollars worth of electronic devices to shift the load when the breakdown occurred.

Fireballs Over Syracuse--The Blackout Connection

Airplane pilots reported that UFOs were being chased across Pennsylvania about 4:30 P.M., and electronics and construction engineers who were driving in the area of the Syracuse airport saw UFOs moving about 5:30 P.M., just prior to the Great Blackout. A veteran flight instructor who had been flying over Syracuse on a training flight saw a glowing globe over the power lines leading to the Niagara Falls generating plant. Hundreds of others saw the glowing object in the sky on the night of the big power failure.

That was on November 9th. On December 2nd, about 700,000 persons in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico also had their power fail. It was said to have originated in a regular failure in El Paso; then on December 5th, three nights later. 40,000 homes plus military installations in the area of East Texas were also blacked out--overloaded! Missile grounds (White Sands), Fort Bliss, Holloman Air Force Base, and numerous airports were all blacked out (with no emergency power backup), and this was when President Johnson's telephone call to the White House in Washington, D.C. was cut off. In response to his request for an explanation, President Johnson was told that his calls were fed into a cable system that went dead when the surge of power caused by the El Paso regulator blow-up hit it, and the backup batteries didn't work. Though it may be debatable whether the above cases of electrical transmission failure were merely coincidences with UFO activity, an incident on April 18,1962, involving a UFO that had been tracked from New York, through Kansas to Eureka, Utah, was well documented. The Air Force spokesman admitted that the object had landed, and during the 42 minutes that it was on the ground near the power station there was no power, but it was restored when the UFO left. The object was pursued by jet interceptors summoned from Phoenix and Stead Field in Reno until it exploded over the Mesquite Range in Nevada in a brilliant glare that was visible over five states.

UFOs--The Panic Hazard

The second major disastrous effect that UFO activity, real or imagined, can have on the populace, is the creation of fear, panic, flight, and all kinds of irrational behavior. We have mentioned already the rather well-documented case of hysterical contagion and mass hysteria created by War of the Worlds, the radio drama by Orson Welles about an invasion of Martians. It was broadcast on Halloween of 1938 during the period of the invasions of Germany into Austria and Japan into China. "The drama, realistically presented in the form of news bulletins and interviews concerning an alien spaceship landing in New Jersey, resulted in many kinds of hysterical actions, including thousands of panic-stricken phone calls, wildly fleeing automobiles, and impromptu shot gun brigades."

Though most persons reporting UFOs do not interpret them as personal threats, it is possible that some of the large volume of reports may be attributable to hysterical contagion. In any case, one of the reasons often cited for the tight secrecy on government UFO research findings is the need to prevent the possible panic that a revelation of the truth might arouse. Rumors that people were being abducted, dematerialized, burned, made radioactive, rounded up and impounded, liquidated with ray guns and lasers or shipped off to Mars or Venus might well give rise to fear--fear of the unknown.

Hysteria could cause frightened persons to imagine that their water was poisoned, the air contaminated with undetectable but lethal aerosols or nerve gases. With hundreds of UFO squadrons zooming across the landscape from California to New York, Toronto to Mexico City, communications disrupted, widespread power failures, airports and railroads paralyzed, highways turned into giant parking lots of immobilized vehicles full of terrified motorists, the problem of restoring order and sanity would be a tremendous challenge to all of the emergency services, assuming their personnel would remain calm, detached. and able to resist the human impulse to put the safety and well being of their own families ahead of the public's.

To make matters worse, some of the more excitable gun owners might be tempted to rush out Rambo fashion, and in utter disregard of the damage that falling bullets might cause innocent residents below their fallout, start firing at the evasive objects regardless of the range.

Personal Hazards--Physiological

The force field affects on the physical environment--communication, transportation, illumination, and computerized data storage--have already been considered. We might have added that some physical effects have been observed at locations where UFOs have landed-- circular patterns of crops destroyed by heat or radiation and baking or sterilization of the soil at the site.

On a more practical basis there may be grounds for concern that more than just the environment can be adversely affected by UFO actions. While pursuing UFOs, military aircraft have disappeared in mid-air, exploded, and suffered harassment. Persons on the ground have sustained serious burns, paralysis, and "blows" from a force field, radiated emissions, or rays and beams that have been described like that of a "stun-gun"

In 1980, three witnesses saw a red ball of light hovering above houses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when suddenly a bolt of blue light shot down and two houses burst into flames. An Indiana man saw a bright light flash pass his window; the power went off in his house so he went outside to investigate and found a brilliantly lit object hovering above him; when he started to walk toward it his body commenced to tingle and he was unable to move until the object disappeared. A similar tingling sensation swept over another man in Lvnn, Massachusetts. one night when he approached a domed object with a red glowing cone rising from a parking lot. He too was immobile until the object moved out of sight. Some believe that even animals may be at risk by UFOs; in trying to account for the death of 15 ponies, the leader of an investigative team believed they were crushed by the anti-gravity field of a flying saucer as it took off.

Thus, UFOs may not only have the power to control some of our military and industrial establishment's highly technical scientific hardware, they may also possess the ability to impose pain and control over people who attempt to attack them, even to the extent of "liquidating" them in one way or another.


In view of the fact that many UFOlogists believe that we are fast approaching a time when overt landings of UFOs will become less remarkable, and in the absence of our knowing whether their visits are friendly or hostile, it would not be remiss to give some thought to the part that fire departments might play in the event of the unexpected arrival of UFOs in their communities. For example, what would be your course of action as an incident commander at the scene of a school ground where a UFO has crashed into the boiler room, rupturing a fuel line, and ignition has occurred in the spilling oil, endangering the occupants of the craft who are trapped in the wreckage? If your rescue attempts are successful, and two of the five small alien creatures are injured but still alive, how do you dispose of the dead and treat the survivors? How would the presence of children on the school grounds affect your actions? What persons and agencies would be notified?
The authors have never read any advice on these matters.

The following admonition was printed on the inside front jacket of Frank Edward's book on flying saucers:


"Near approaches of UFOs can be harmful to human beings. Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude. Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed. In either case the safe thing to do is to get away from there very quickly and let the military take over. There is a possibility of radiation danger and there are known cases where persons have been burned by rays emanating from UFOs. Don't take chances with UFOs!"
In view of the federal law (cited earlier) empowering NASA's administrator to impound, without a hearing, anyone who touches a UFO or its occupants. it would be inadvisable to make personal contact unless you are willing to submit to NASA's quarantine requirements, should the law be invoked.
Besides the possible physical effects of approaching a UFO, e.g.. burns, radiation, etc., there may be psychological effects produced by force fields that could induce a hypnotic state in the viewer, loss of consciousness, memory relapse, and submission to the occupants. Jacques Vallee, author of The Invisible College cautions that we should consider psychic effects, such as space-time distortions experienced by percipients of craft-like devices which appear to fade away--dematerialize--and then reappear; of alien, strange voices or thoughts that may effect involuntary changes in the manner in which witnesses may react in such circumstances.

Perhaps the above warnings of Edwards and Vallee are a little too cautious and apprehensive to adopt as a general pattern of conduct in every situation. In the absence of overt acts indicating hostility, there may be no danger in approaching a landing (or landed) UFO with a positive, solicitous attitude of wanting to be of service. This nonaggressive mental state may be telepathically sensed by those aboard or emerging from the craft; a form of nonvocal communication is a possibility. It goes without saying that any display of firearms or other weapons on your part could be construed as unfriendly and likely to thwart your intention of conveying a helpful attitude.

In a best case scenario, you may be able to obtain guidance as to the appropriate actions to take, whether of a life-saving nature, e.g., in quelling a fire, abating a spill, and of preservation of property, or even in the reduction of apprehension on the part of your response team and the spectators.

In a less optimistic scenario, you may have engine trouble upon approaching the scene, and radio contact could be lost with your dispatcher. If at night, your headlights could go out, the city could be blacked out, and your portable generators may malfunction when you attempt to use them for fans and portable lights. It would certainly be an inopportune time for your comrades to announce that they had decided to take their pensions, effective immediately.

In any event, the incident could provide invaluable experience for further training in coping with rare and difficult emergencies. Whatever "inside" information you are able to pass along to your fellow officers and citizens of the world might help to alleviate unreasonable fear, so that there would be less likelihood that we would ever again experience the panic and hysteria that was created by War of the Worlds a half century ago. Truth is the best cure for the unknown. A list of some of the available books on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is found in Appendix H.


Some fire chiefs have little confidence in disaster plans, especially those dealing with UFOs or enemy attack. If you develop a plan that sets forth your responsibilities, resources, organizations, supplies information, telephone numbers, and special data that will be useful in obtaining help and fulfilling your role in disaster control, commit it to an electronic medium, a computer with a capability for continuous updating through modern word processing. Bring it forth when the need requires. With a good plan, good leadership, and adequate resources, you may save many lives in any disaster, including attack from possible enemies.

The B-52 Case

Although many strange stories have come out of the Vietnam conflict, there can be none stranger than that report of a mysterious crash of a B-52 bomber. The first surprise was to find the plane intact, and no sign of a crash landing: it was if the plane had been air lifted and placed into position. Inside the cabin, though was a greater shock. The four-man crew were still strapped into their seats, but all had been mutilated with the typical clean-cut wounds that we see in the animal mutilations. After inspecting the plane and photographing both it and the occupants, the investigation team was ordered to burn the plane and the occupants.

Heavy stuff, I thought they said they didn't exist? Oh well, next I have a top-secret report of another dangerous saucer. This came from my good friend Col. Steve Wilson who passed away in 1997.


MNT-1245/3:90760 (Recv'd 1/17/75)
Encrypt: HPGEBDSO (signature: Maj. K. Bloch)

DATE: JAN. 16, 1975

FROM: Col. William G. Killan
Cmmdr, 742nd SMW
Minot AFB

TO: Brig. Gen. Michael N. Bowers
Interim Cmmdr, MJ-12
Wright-Patterson AFB

SUBJECT: Disposition of Additional NIGHTFALL Artifacts

Still awaiting confirmation and direction from MJ-12 on disposition of artifacts collected from directed ground search following recent Project Nightfall recovery operation (ref. MNT-1034, 1056, 1112).

Unseasonably high temperatures have dissipated snow cover from both primary and secondary impact sites and have allowed us to dispatch a security and retrieval team earlier than anticipated.

Review enclosed report from MSgt. Vern for a detailed description of ground search, which included a topsoil removal and sift, per AFR 100-292.8. Note that approximately 19 lbs. of additional material was retrieved, including several large pieces recovered in a ravine located 1/4 mi. SSW of secondary impact site. These should be considered associated with secondary impact site, and not as a tertiary impact site.

As indicated in original report, anomalous residual radiation was detected in association with a number of artifacts and a NUMAT containment team was dispatched accordingly. Per MJ-12 directives,
these artifacts are currently secured in our emergency containment vault. Other material presently under armed guard in secured storage facility adjacent to base. No additional organic material recovered.

Upon confirmation of scheduling and classification, remaining artifacts will be transported to designated Wright-Patterson facility as well as the new Arizona facility.

Col. Bill Killan

Oh my! What starts with a NU? Nuclear? MAT? Material containment team? Geez, these aliens are sure careless with their atoms...


I hope this report isn't too disturbing, I just wish it weren't true!

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